Shaker rake

The shaker rake for faster olive harvesting

Specifically designed to make olive harvesting easier and more cost-effective, the OLIVION electric shaker rake combines manoeuvrability and lightness, while preserving the tree and its branches. Available in two models (fixed and telescopic), it can be adapted to different types of fruit and is on average 8 times faster than harvesting by hand. Easy to use, with flawless efficiency, OLIVION is equipped with an ergonomic, vibration-isolating handle. You can use it comfortably throughout the working day thanks to its exceptional battery life.

With it,, harvesting goes faster

  • The powerful PELLENC electric motor (380 W) delivers very high efficiency
  • 2 models: fixed (2.3 m) and telescopic (2.2 to 3 m)
  • Up to 8 times faster than harvesting by hand, making it the most efficient shaker rake in its class.
  • Optimised harvesting: effective on green, ripe, and table olives
  • Enough battery life for a full day’s work with the Olivion+ or 750 battery

Very comfortable to use

  • Very light (fixed model: 2.5 kg, telescopic model: 3.2 kg)
  • Vibration-isolating handle for greater user comfort
  • Quiet and easy to use
  • New handle for reaching the highest branches (available as an option)

Affordable for everyone

  • Reduced investment for small plantations thanks to the 12/44 V PELLENC converter

It protects the tree and its fruit

  • Equipped with carbon fibre fingers and silicone glove covers for harvesting more fragile fruit (available as an option)


Two different positions are possible depending on the variety of olives. The straight version of the comb is recommended for fruit varieties that are more difficult to harvest.

The pole is locked, with no rotation possible between the tubes.

This lets the user reach the tips of the trees and the highest branches.



Equipped as standard.
– Not available

Max. power – W380380
Weight - kg2.53.2
Rake width – cm3838
Operating speed – strokes/min840840
Length – cm230220 to 300
Noise level (LpA)* – dB(A)8181
Guaranteed sound power level (Lwa)* – dB(A)9090
Vibration level (Ah)** - m/s²9.99.9
Pole extended vibration level (Ah)** – m/s²11.2
Continuous mode
2-position rake
Compatible with 12V batteries (with the 12/44V converter)
  * Acoustic measurement values according to Directive EN 50260-1: 2005 – Uncertainty according to ISO 4871
** Vibration emission value according to EN 50260-1: 2005– Kd uncertainty = 1.5 m/s²

* Total working time for typical professional use. This time includes the tool stoppages inherent to the job.

Extension cord

For working around the tree with the battery on the ground.
10.30m male-female cord
Ref. 100994

12V battery

The Olivion can be used with the PELLENC ULiB battery or a 12V battery with the converter.
Cord length: 2m
Ref. 57000

Glove-cover kit

For protecting fragile varieties.
Shock absorbing glove covers available as an option.
Ref. 50538

"OLIVION is a high-performance tool. I'm very satisfied with the yield, and it does not damage the branches of the olive tree at all."

Manuela Dainelli
Worker on an olive plantation, Italy
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