Perfect sorting for exceptional wines

Grape-by-grape computer-vision sorting removes the unwanted material from the harvest: green waste, foreign bodies, and unripe or unhealthy berries.

Incredibly high-quality harvest

  • Continuous and complete sorting
  • Protection of the harvest
  • Real-time selection of harvest sorting level depending on the quality required
  • Perfect sorting that has a direct, positive effect on the quality of the wine

Optimised use

  • 2,000 items sorted per second, up to 12 metric tons per hour
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No calibration required before start-up, instantly operational
  • The sorting chain can be managed by a single person
  • Easily transportable from one winery to another

Optimised sorting costs

  • Significantly reduced labour costs
  • Best quality/price ratio on the market
  • Optimises the quality of your wines

Easy to wash and use

  • Adjustments can be made easily in real time: simple touchscreen interface.
  • Quick and easy to clean (15 minutes) with the built-in pre-cleaning system



A new intuitive touchscreen interface allows all machine settings adjustments to be made. The ability to change the brightness allows visibility in all situations. 

This perfect sorting has a direct positive impact on the quality of the wines. 

Complexity and aromatic intensityHerbal character
Volume in the mouthBitterness
Suppleness of the tanninsAstringency
Sharper winesDryness


The in-place cleaning system of the conveyor belt and the easy access to the different parts of the machine reduce washing times and water consumption.  

  1. Preparation of the harvest for sorting 

Drainage, distribution over the entire width, removal of small waste: optimised sorting (vibrating table).

Stabilisation of the harvest and alignment of objects in front of the nozzles to improve sorting accuracy (blue conveyor with grooves).

  1. Analysis and sorting

The camera continuously films the harvested grapes on the conveyor. The PELLENC sorting software analyses the images depending on the selected level of sorting (sorting by shape and colour).

The nozzles eject unwanted items from the harvest (green waste, berries that are unripe or in poor health, dried-out grapes, etc.) via the bar of compressed air nozzles. 




Equipped as standard.
Equipped as an option

Flow rate (depending on grape variety, maturity, health status, water stress and desired sorting quality) *Up to 12t/hUp to 12t/h
Length (in mm)30401675
Width (in mm)18701420
Total height (min.-max.) (mm)2610-25801300-1850
Grape exit height (min.-max.) (mm)600-1025
Machine weight (inclusive of all options) in kg850275
Rated power (kW)2.60.6
Electrical power supply16A 3P + T at 400/410 V16A 3P + T at 400/410 V
Air supply50m3/h at 7 bars
MaterialStainless steel 304 LStainless steel 304 L
Conveyor speed (m/s)2.4
Pneumatic tank (2 x 24 L) + air treatment
In-situ pre-cleaning
Waste collection bin from the vision unit with evacuation screw
Height-adjustable roller legs
Control of peripheral systems (extractiv', Integral' Winery, etc.)

“This is amazing technology. The sorting action removes really microscopic particles of leaves, stalks, or fragments, scarcely visible to the naked eye, and impossible to sort by hand. The quality is amazing, as is the accuracy of the settings. You can set the machine to sort berry size, ripeness or colour; anything you want to work on or refine.”

Nicolas Seillan
Château Lassègue Saint-Emilion Bordeaux (33) - FRANCE
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