Straddling tractor

OPTIMUM technology in a narrow tractor

The impressive performance and success of the New Generation OPTIMUM led PELLENC to incorporate the same technology into a tractor specially designed for narrow-row vineyards. Equipped with the PELLENC Multifunction system, it is not just a harvesting machine: you can use it all year round for all your vineyard maintenance jobs. Compact, highly manoeuvrable, and width-adjustable, the OPTIMUM 340 ensures a high level of productivity, and it is remarkably comfortable and easy to use.

You’ll be so comfortable in there that you won’t want to get out

  • The comfortable pressurised cab has air-conditioning and heating and offers a 315° panoramic view
  • GRAMMER pneumatic seat with heating, vertical and longitudinal suspensions, automatic height-adjustment, and vibration dampening: ergonomic and relaxing hour after hour
  • Premium equipment: Bluetooth radio, USB ports, and lots of storage space, including one refrigerated compartment
  • Multiple customisable settings: seat, armrest, electric rear-view mirrors, EASY TOUCH screen, steering column

Operating it is straightforward and intuitive

  • The EASY DRIVE joystick puts control at your fingertips. Just push a button or hold it down. You don’t even need to move your arm!
  • The 10-inch EASY TOUCH touchscreen console with intuitive pictograms gives you control of all tractor and tool functions
  • Speed limiter/regulator
  • PELLENC tools are automatically recognised and configured as soon as they are connected
  • A bird’s eye view of front-mounted and side-mounted tools

It never stops

  • By optimising the engine speed according to the hydraulic requirements of the tools, the EASY POWER management system maximises fuel consumption and cost-effectiveness
  • PELLENC multifunction: a tractor that you can use all year round
  • Quick access to all the maintenance and greasing points, and to the various filters: air, fuel, oils
  • 12 working lights including 2 long range lights to see and be seen by day and night

Unbeatable ease of handling

  • The most compact tractor in its class: its overall length is up to 40 cm shorter than its competitors, giving it unbeatable ease of handling
  • 3.4 m turning circle: excellent manoeuvrability at headlands
  • Lowered centre of gravity for better stability: the engine is mounted below the chassis
  • Smooth driving with no wheel spin is ensured by the front/rear and left/right differential locking systems
  • Can handle slopes of up to 40%

Safety is a priority

  • Wide platform with a guardrail for safe access to the cab
  • Safety features in the cab: anti-crushing structure and roll bar in line with standard NF U02-052, pressurised and air-filtered cab in line with category 4 of standard EN15695
  • A presence detector automatically stops the tools if the driver leaves the seat
  • 3 emergency-stop buttons: general emergency-stop and tool-stop in the cab, tool-stop plus battery cut-off switch on the cab access platform
  • Automatic parking brake when stopping and restarting
  • The slope and tilt are displayed at all times on the EASY TOUCH screen
  • Night vision reversing camera as standard, automatically displayed on a dedicated screen with up to 4 views (optional additional cameras)
  • The tool carriers have remote controls for coupling tools without assistance

Straddling tractor

Each function is represented by an intuitive pictogram on the large touchscreen console.

The operator uses the fixed pivot joystick with backlit buttons to control both the tractor and the tools. You can easily work with all sorts of tools thanks to the PELLENC multifunction concept: dual-function features and automatic assignment of controls to the various buttons.

Hydraulic outlets with 4 independent flows, located close to the tool holders for the front and rear tools:

  • P1: Load-sensing controlled hydraulic flow from 0 to 110 litres/minute
  • P2: Load-sensing controlled hydraulic flow from 0 to 55 litres/minute with direction reversal
  • P3: 0 to 55 litres/minute with direction reversal
  • P4: Controlled hydraulic flow from 0 to 30 litres/minute
  • Up to 11 configurable hydraulic distributors: Single Acting, Double Acting, or Single Acting with Floating Spool
  • Flat-face anti-pollution hydraulic connectors

PELLENC tools are automatically recognised as soon as they are connected: no configuration required.

You can also use non-PELLENC equipment with the OPTIMUM 340, just set the hydraulic flow-rates and assign controls to the various buttons.

In addition to the tight turning circle of 3.4 m, the headland brake automatically locks the inner rear wheel when cornering as soon as the steering angle exceeds 80 degrees. Even at the narrowest of headlands, the OPTIMUM 340 can turn around effortlessly.

The intelligent EASY POWER system automatically adapts the engine speed to the needs of the connected tools and the tractor itself, keeping fuel consumption to a minimum.

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