Pruning shears

The lightest pruning shears on the market with unrivalled pruning speed and manoeuvrability

Ergonomic, manoeuvrable, precise, VINION pruning shears are designed to give you what you need. VINION can be used with either of two battery systems depending on how much battery life you need, so you can get your work done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Lighter and more compact pruning shears?, Good luck finding them!

  • The lightest pruning shears on the market: 680 g
  • 845 g for the 150 battery which can be worn on the belt or in a jacket pocket

Adaptable to all your jobs

  • 4 operating modes to suit different working styles
  • Use the double connector on the 250 battery to alternate between two different tools and tasks

Proven effectiveness at all times

  • High-efficiency motor: 92%
  • Battery life for a full day’s pruning
  • Pradines blades for optimal penetration into the wood
  • The blade can be removed without tools

So adaptable that it can be used by anyone and everyone

  • Slim, ergonomic, oval-shaped handle, reducing the risk of tendinitis and musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
  • Manoeuvrable, practical, compact, and suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people.
  • The blade can be adjusted and removed without tools
  • The height of the half-opening and the blade crossing are both adjustable
  • Easy maintenance (weekly greasing)


For longer battery life and improved comfort, VINION has a range of dedicated batteries, all of which can be used with PELLENC harnesses:

  • VINION 150: battery life 9 h*
  • VINION 250: battery life 15 h*
  • VINION 250 + M12: battery life 12 h*

*Average battery-life observed


It can be adapted to different pruning techniques:

  1. Performance: maximum speed (steady high-speed with half-opening)
  2. Comfort: a compromise between speed and battery life (steady slower speed with half-opening)
  3. On/Off: fast and repeated cuts (fast with half-opening)
  4. Progressive: precision work (fast without half-opening)


Pruning shears weight (g)680
Motor speed (rpm)21000
Length (mm)260
Dimensions of the oval-shaped handle (h*w) (mm)40*36
Blade opening (mm)57
Cutting diameter (mm)35
Compatible batteries150 / 250
Optical trigger
Automatic standby mode
The blade can be removed without tools
Motor cooling system
  Equipped as standard
– Not available


Weight (g)8451680
Maximum power (w)17281728
Average service life (cycles)8001000
Charging time at 0.4A9 hNot compatible
Charging time at 1A4 h 30 min7 h
Charging time at 1.2ANot compatible6 h
Average battery life with the Vinion9 h *15 h *
Average battery life with the Vinion + M12 chainsaw12 h
Multi-tools mode
  *Depending on storage/charging/usage conditions
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"I appreciate the lightness of the battery. You wouldn't know you’re carrying it. You don’t feel the weight of the battery on your back, and you have complete freedom of movement."

Mr and Mrs Jaubert
Vine growers, Cucuron, Vaucluse
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