The simple, fast and effective sprayer for narrow vines

The AIR MAX jet sprayer is used on the OPTIMUM 340 multi-function straddling tractor. Like it, it is specifically designed for narrow vines and brings you maximum productivity. In one pass, you can handle up to 7 rows with precision! Simple to use and economical, it takes perfect care of your vineyard while offering you a significant time saver.

It's mastered in the blink of an eye

  • Ramp movement controls built into the EASY DRIVE joystick
  • Raising and folding of the right and left vaults of the ramp independent or simultaneous
  • Hydraulic width adjustment of the ramp
  • The valves controlling all the functions of the sprayer (treatment, general rinse or only the ramp) are grouped on a captioned panel

It works with precision

  • Low power consumption (less than 29 HP)
  • Surface-by-surface spraying for perfectly even distribution
  • 2 x 3 diffusers per descent, ensuring a perfect location of the treatment
  • Independently steerable and shutterable diffusers each with their own drop-off faucet
  • Cuts of sections making it easier to process parcel edges
  • Approved sprayer for reducing unsprayed buffer zones with all types of anti-drift nozzles

Great capabilities, high efficiency

  • Capacity of the tank of 1,200, 1,500 l or other capacity, consult us
  • Respectively 120 or 150 l of clear water shipped for rinsing
  • The tank basically incorporates a system of mixing for spray liquid and rotary nozzle for rinsing
  • BP 105 l/min high-performance pump suitable for all treatments, filling and rinsing tanks

The design of the descents gives them great flexibility for a better respect for the vine and an increased resistance of the material. In addition, to better preserve them, safety skates are installed under the descents. These are effortlessly disassembled: they are attached with stainless steel collars with manual locking.

For better handling and simplified driving in fragmented vineyards.

All the valves are centralised for easy access and improved ergonomics. Two rinse modes are available, of your choice: general rinse or only ramp. If the spraying work has to be interrupted, rinsing the ramp without flushing to the tank prevents the risk of clogging when restarting.

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