Selion Pole chainsaw

Selion Pole chainsaw

Selion Pole chainsaw

Selion Pole chainsaw

Easily saw at height due to the light weight

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Selion Pole chainsaw
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“I use Pellenc equipment, notably 36 Oliviums, 10 Selion Poles and 20 Lixions. Since 2006, our interest in these products has continued to grow, given their technological innovation which meets the present and future needs of our viticulture and olive growing production processes.”

Mr Abdelaziz El Kouane
Vineyards Production Manager, Brahim Znibe Group

SELION fixed and telescopic pole chainsaws are powerful, extremely light and easy to use.


  • PELLENC Brushless 1200 W motor (equivalent 30 cm³)
  • 4 models with fixed or telescopic pole
  • At heights of up to 4.5 m
  • Used for pruning olive trees, and forest work
  • At least a full day’s work from a single charge


  • Multi-position tilting head.
  • Stability when cutting due to its extremely light weight


  • Uses biodegradable chain oil
  • Zero emissions and zero waste.


  • At least €7 of petrol saved per day
  • Time-saving.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Uses up to 30% less chain oil

Automatic chain tension

Automatic chain tension

The chain guide is mounted on a spring which tightens the chain automatically.

Multi-position tilting head

Multi-position tilting head

With its head, which tilts by +90°/-45°, the tool easily adapts to the working environment.

Integrated folding key

Integrated folding key

This key retightens the chain and gives quick access to the sprocket and chain.

Electronic oil flow rate control

Electronic oil flow rate control

The system adjusts chain greasing according to the required cutting force.

Technical specifications

CO2 emissions

Carbon footprint

The SELION prevents almost 99 % of the direct emissions of a petrol engine, or emits 121 times less! If you recharge Pellenc batteries with our Solerion solar charger, the CO2 emissions are totally eliminated.

Petrol CHAINSAW Direct emissions + fuel production

SELION Direct emissions + electricity production

WITH SOLERION Direct emissions

Carbon equivalent /hour
4 kg CO2/hour
34 g CO2/hour
0 g CO2/hour
Carbon equivalent/day
24 kg CO2/day
204 g CO2/day
0 g CO2/day
Carbon equivalent/year
4.9 tonnes CO2/year
40 kg CO2/year
0 g CO2/year

Data: 1 kWh EDF corresponds on average to a carbon equivalent of 90 g CO2/kWh in France, covering production and the remainder of its life (ADEME-France) — 1 L of SP95 super fuel has a carbon equivalent of 2.5 kg CO2/L in direct emissions and 5.5 kg CO2/L in production + direct emissions — Basis: 6 h working day and 200 annual working days.


Standart Standard option Optional P130P180T150/200T220/300
Max. power - W1200120012001200
Petrol motor equivalence – cm³30303030
Weight – kg2,72,82,93,4
Motor speed – rpm5200520052005200
Length of the pole - cm130180150 to 200220 to 300
Chain speed - m/s10,310,310,310,3
Guide length - cm / inches25 / 10“26 / 10“27 / 10“28 / 10“
Oregon chain Spacing Type / Number of links¼ ’’ 25AP / 58E¼ ’’ 25AP / 58E¼ ’’ 25AP / 58E¼ ’’ 25AP / 58E
Pins9 ¼ ‘’ teeth10 ¼ ‘’ teeth11 ¼ ‘’ teeth12 ¼ ‘’ teeth
Tank capacity - cl25252525
Sound level (LPA)* - dB(A)86848280
Guaranteed sound level (LWA)* - dB(A)93919193
Vibration level (ah)** - m/s²less than or equal to 2.5less than or equal to 2.6less than or equal to 2.7less than or equal to 2.8
Multi-position tilting head+90° / -45°+90° / -45°+90° / -45°+90° / -45°
Telescopic pole--enserieenserie
Peristaltic pumpenserieenserieenserieenserie
Automatic chain tensionenserieenserieenserieenserie
Integrated folding keyenserieenserieenserieenserie
Battery life*** with ULiB 1100 up to 2 daysUp to 2 daysUp to 2 daysUp to 2 daysUp to 2 days

Accessories & Consumables

10˝ guide

10˝ guide
25 cm guide made of composite material
Sold as standard
ref.: 66756

¼" – 25AP – 58E OREGON chain

¼" – 25AP – 58E OREGON chain
Anti-kickback chain
Sold as standard
ref.: 64486

Sharpening kit

Sharpening kit
Contents: round file, flat file and splitter.
ref.: 68520

Organic chainsaw oil

Organic chainsaw oil
5 L drum. Biodegradable chain oil.
ref.: 85920

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